CE today

Advancing Civil Engineering Design

We provide high-quality, affordable and accessible engineering applications for users around the world.

We focus on how to increase your productivity and decrease your costs while you focus on your work. CE today provides resources that enable you to enhance your professional development and connect you with your colleagues within the professional engineering community. Users of CE today can focus on the creative side of their work while we take care of implementing design code and software updates. Users have complete control of their data.

CE today provides an online community that is engaged in the development, utilization and distribution of engineering solutions for architects, engineers, contractors, and engineering staff for owners and public agencies as well as for students of engineering and architecture around the world.

CE today is developed and maintained by engineers that have practiced in this profession for more than thirty years. The engineers at CE today know the needs of the civil engineering profession, and have the ability and resources to develop applications that closely match those needs.

The following suite of comprehensive applications and resources are currently available at CE today:

Design Tools

A suite of design tools for bridges and buildings that perform the majority of the design tasks required in a design office. CE today design tools have a simple user interface for input and provide output in PDF format for ready inclusion into your set of calculations.

These design tools are based on actual engineering practice, and will reduce your design costs, facilitate design checks and reflect design code updates.

Design Guides

A library of design guidelines for bridges and buildings with sample calculations and drawings that are prepared by professional engineers.

Each guideline is based on an actual constructed project and sets standards for design deliverables, streamlines the design process, facilitates design quality control and reflects design code updates.


This is a secure platform that CE today users may use to showcase their engineering profile and design projects. Both the projects and the related profiles are searchable.

This portion of our website provides you and your colleagues with a secure network of contacts to facilitate the exchange of information.

Analysis Tools

The centerpiece of our analysis tool library is our 3D Frame structural analysis program which can handle tasks from a simple 2D static analysis to 3D dynamic analysis. Program input may be developed online or uploaded from a Microsoft Excel file. Program output may be viewed online or downloaded as spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel file format. The user maintains complete control of their data.

This tool will provide for your routine and advanced analysis needs and reduce your design costs by eliminating the need to purchase and maintain costly software and hardware.

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